Uncle Bruno’s Deli

1 05 2007

great lunch. a little place on the corner of our office building map


Zocalo Taqueria

29 04 2007

yummy. The Al Pastor Taco comes with marinated pork cooked rotisserie style (right by the window), on corn tacos, cilantro – I just have to remember to skip the onions the next time 🙂


Music on the Piazza

29 04 2007

the High has free live music on Saturdays and Sundays from 1 to 4 pm through May 27, 2007.

we enjoyed a violin+cello performance today.

afterwards we took our blanket to Piedmont Park and i got to flip through the new Skirt!

gorgeous weather 🙂

Paco Pena

28 04 2007

enjoyed a flamenco performance at the Rialto, it was so much fun, the music, the dancers… it would’ve been perfect if it weren’t for the 60-degrees-freezing theater


studio 281

28 04 2007

we rushed from the flamenco concert to catch our friend Penelope Williams at studio 281.

i’m glad we made it, even if only for the last half hour.

good music + friends +  a margarita = perfect evening

what more can one want?

Naked Cowboy

29 01 2007

see the self-marketing genius
enjoy – e

Hair-do’s and don’ts

29 01 2007

Note to self: do no use Feria Gel for hi-lights. As much as I love L’Oreal’s products I am not having a good experience with the Feria color. Or my is hair just so obnoxiously resistant? After recommended 25 minutes I can barely see any color change. I’ll try to keep for an hour, as I usually have to… And the next time I’ll go back to the High Light Creme (L’Oreal $12). As to “professional” assisstance, I’ll pass, not worth paying $130 for 3 hours worth of work and have the color turn brassy anyway after 4 weeks. I can do that at home for a tenth of the $. I can cut my own hair to! Thanks to a Feather Razor i bought on Amazon ($42). Now for the cost of one haircut I can get the style I like over and over again 🙂