Naked Cowboy

29 01 2007

see the self-marketing genius
enjoy – e


Hair-do’s and don’ts

29 01 2007

Note to self: do no use Feria Gel for hi-lights. As much as I love L’Oreal’s products I am not having a good experience with the Feria color. Or my is hair just so obnoxiously resistant? After recommended 25 minutes I can barely see any color change. I’ll try to keep for an hour, as I usually have to… And the next time I’ll go back to the High Light Creme (L’Oreal $12). As to “professional” assisstance, I’ll pass, not worth paying $130 for 3 hours worth of work and have the color turn brassy anyway after 4 weeks. I can do that at home for a tenth of the $. I can cut my own hair to! Thanks to a Feather Razor i bought on Amazon ($42). Now for the cost of one haircut I can get the style I like over and over again 🙂